Monday, May 28, 2012


The first I ever heard of Telomeres is when Dr. Justin Boren (Santa Clara University) and I teamed up to scheme around integrating this into Balance Integration's immersion programming with clients. I'm so happy to see they are hitting the mainstream - no hopefully they'll figure more importantly when we craft our thought stream, activity stream, etc. Thanks to worklife writer Judy Martin for bringing this to my attention. Check it out by clicking here.


Unknown said...

I first heard about telomeres about a year ago. I was introduced to a company that was working on a Telomere Support Supplement. It became available in August 2011. I have been taking it since then, and I am seeing real results. There is a website that you can check out, it has a lot of information about telomeres (

Tevis Rose Trower said...

cool! thanks regina!