Friday, November 7, 2008

Thoughts Made Visible

I taught yoga today at one very scrutinized company - no names to protect the innocent. Not suprisingly, the participants are all regulars . After all, it's a community-forming activity that participants quickly come to depend upon, so much so that even an ex-employee who is now a vendor is known to drop in from time to time.

While teaching I noticed one of them whom I'll transparently refer to by the psudonym "Bob" was more impatient and had less endurance than usual. Even in poses and sequences he knows easily, he'd give up, lose his balance, and otherwise huff and puff. Not normal for Bob.

I figured maybe it was from recently getting married. But even that didn't seem to explain his lack of tolerance. I observed and continued teaching, wondering what was up with him. It wasn't until after class when he made a joke about maybe "it would be great if I got reorged in my sleep more often" that the issue became clear. That explains it. Waking to a new boss, new organizational structure, new team members isn't an easy thing. His current boss didn't even know about the change.

Going through stuff? Don't wait to get on the mat to recognize just how destabilized you might be. Take a breath. Slow down. Nothing will put the world back together as it was, and NOW is always the time to make sure to put yourself back together moment by moment. After all, the one thing you can control is how you become present with yourself. And that, if attended to, is what can make the difference between poor reactions and grounded ones.